E-call solution for motorcycles


Time is crucial in case of accident. Our ecall system gives AUTOMATICALLY the position of the rider to 112 using GSM. The patented system avoid the fake positives.
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Automatic detection

Our system is able to detect any motorcycle accident and transmit the position of the pilot using GSM network

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IVS (In vehicle system)

The IVS allows the communication with 112, it includes a GSM module, a bluetooth interfaz and a wide range of sensors.



Biker Safe smart band is a wearable with the newest IOT solutions inside. It includes a vibration system, a GPS and sensors. BT module allows communication with 112 through IVS using integrated microphone and audio

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Community and Addons

The hardware is connected not only to 112 with using but also with an amazing online user network. Thanks to our community your band will vibrate when a friend is in trouble near to you… so you can support him quickly! In addition vibration can be enabled to advise radars or other road incidents.


Our main milestones in the project
Our main objective is to SAVE LIVES

BIKERSAFE has a short but intense life. During the development we have reach very important milestones. In addition we have been selected in Startup ScaleUp program where we can share experiences with IOT StartUps from Europe.

  • BIC Araba awarded our project with economical grant

  • BIKERSAFE (as a project from Gm2) has been selected among hundred of european start ups to participate in the accelerator program

  • Ip has been protected in main EU countries covering 80% of motorcycles in Europe

  • Software and hardware concept demos available

the TEAM

Our team has a wide experience selling motorcycle security items (helmets, apparel). We have a distribution network ready to start the commercialization


Distribution and logistics
Gm2 counts with the knowledge of the motorcycle market. During the last years we have been distributing safety related products for motorcycle riders.


Aitor Gaisan is the founder of GM2, after 6 years experience in automotive industry (including 3 years in China) he incorporated the company Gm2. Bikersafe born thanks to the R&D of Aitor and Gm2 team.

Carlos Asua

Carlos has been working in the motorcycle sector for more than 20 years. He is in charge of testing and user-oriented development

R&D Partner

R&D Prototyping
We count with one of the biggest R&D centers in Spain as hardware developer. With more than 200 european projects they are a guarantee forsuccess.

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